Data Science Team

Our background and experience revolves heavily around data modeling, analytics, machine learning and data science. We have done everything from lead executive level meetings to discuss how to integrate machine learning and data science teams successfully to develop robust data science suites in python and R that help automate a good portion of the data science process.

Paired with our understanding of data modeling, we have been able to successfully impact the companies we have been involved with. This is everything from the companies we work for and consultant with. Many times, we have people from prior jobs reach out as they gain new positions or jump on new projects to have us design or lead new projects.

Ben RogojanĀ 

Ben has spent his career focused on all forms of data. He has focused on developing algorithms to detect fraud, reduce patient readmission and redesign insurance provider policy to help reduce the overall cost of healthcare. He has also helped develop analytics for marketing and IT operations in order to optimize limited resources such as employees and budget. Ben privately consults on data science and engineering problems both solo as well as with a company called Acheron Analytics. He has experience both working hands-on with technical problems as well as helping leadership teams develop strategies to maximize their data.



William Donaldson

Willy has established himself as an expert in image analysis and problem solving in the field of healthcare technologies. His focus is on providing data-driven solutions to complex problems while optimizing workflow processes and embracing the newest advances in data science and machine learning.