Data Consulting Services Offered

Our core service revolves around data consulting. We partner with other local consultants to offer top tier consulting for companies nation wide. We have backgrounds in computer science, networking and data analytics. Below are just some of the services we offer. Feel free to inquire about others. We look forward to hearing from you!

 Data Science Algorithms and Solutions

We partner with Acheron Analytics to create custom data science solutions . One of many services they offer. We use our combined experience to develop everything from full system integrated programs, to single report based algorithms. With a focus for maintainability, robustness and reliability. Examples of some services are but not limited to:

  • Fraud detection For banking, insurance, healthcare, etc
  • Production Recommendation
  • Digital Marketing ROI
  • Employee Churn Analysis
  • Applied Research
  • IOT streaming analytics


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Data Engineering And Database Management

Managing and developing complex database back ends is crucial to ensure good analytics and great workflows. Our team specializes in developing automated database architectures and systems that ensure great data quality and excellent performance. We can design the entire system, from database, ETLs, automation scripts, QA suites, etc. That way your teams can easily pull and utilize data when needed.

  • Developing and documenting complex data structures and systems
  • ETLs and Automated Data QA suites
  • Data quality assement


Data Driven Culture Workshops

Our focus is to develop a natural inclination in your managers and executives to push for data focused teams. We teach your leadership teams how to elicit data driven mindsets from their employees. This requires a top down approach where managers learn how to delegate ownership of decision making by allowing their teams to back their conclusions with data. Avoiding the constant questioning of, “Are you sure this data is right”

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Executive level strategy development

Data Consulting And Data Science



Strategic data based thinking


Practical Data Science and Analytics Workshops and Coaching

Data science is just a tool teams use to analyze problems. However, it is a skill that wasn’t really ever taught in school. Most people have no formal training. Thus, we help your teams and leaders develop skills to successfully bring your businesses value through analytics. Whether it be through improving communication skills, or developing good data science practices and processes. The end result will be a team or leader that is maximizing your investments.

Database and System Migrations

In order to increase performance and reduce costs, it is a common need to migrate over from legacy systems and databases. Our team can help migrate code bases and database structures to your new hardware. This includes ETLs, scripts, QA suites, cubes, etc.

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