Data Consulting Services Offered

Our Core Service

Looking to maximize the ROI of your data and data teams?

Our team is here to guide you on your journey. We specialize in helping upper and middle management get the most from their employees and their data. We know that data science is still a new field and it can be difficult to know where this new concept fits in your company strategy and how to grow successful data science practices. Let our team come in and help bridge the gap.

Our skills are not just focused on the technical side. We know that it is important to create an organizational culture of data driven individuals. In this way your company can have meaningful, impactful communication across and up and down your enterprise. This goes a long way to profit breakthroughs, innovation, job satisfaction and engagement and productivity/efficiency. Not just in your data teams, but across your entire organization.

Feel free to inquire about other services our team can offer to help maximize your data ROI. We look forward to hearing from you!

Data Driven Culture Workshops

One of our focuses is to help develop your data science teams. This means challenging your data experts to take ownership and look at themselves as more than just individual contributors. We focus on challenging your teams to maximize their ROI by providing a framework where both managers and data experts communicate concisely. This often means helping data teams go beyond simply producing products that function. To read more about some of how we help your data experts grow then click here.

 Data Science Algorithms and Solutions

Our team uses our combined experience to develop everything from algorithms to automation scripts. With a focus on maintainability, robustness and reliability. Examples of some services are but not limited to:

  • Fraud detection For banking, insurance, healthcare, etc
  • Production Recommendation
  • Digital Marketing ROI
  • Employee Churn Analysis
  • Applied Research
  • IOT streaming analytics


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Data Engineering And Database Management

Managing and developing complex database back ends is crucial to ensure good analytics and great workflows. Our team specializes in developing automated database architectures and systems that ensure great data quality and excellent performance. We have frameworks that are already developed that can be implemented into your systems for automated data quality and reporting. We can also develop custom frameworks that align with our clients specific needs.


Database and System Migrations

In order to increase performance and reduce costs, it is a common need to migrate over from legacy systems and databases. Our team can help migrate code bases and database structures to your new hardware. This includes ETLs, scripts, QA suites, cubes, etc.

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