From Data Scientist To Data Leader Workshop

From Data Scientist To Data Leader Workshop

Experienced data scientists wield the power to impact your business’ bottom line and steer overall strategy. However, they don’t typically have the soft and leadership skills to bridge the gap between technical and business work consulting

Our mission is to cultivate the potential data leaders already in your company. Our workshops and seminars will transform your data scientists from engineers into leaders. As we work with your data scientists, we help pinpoint areas that will both benefit personal growth and challenge them to take action—and we hold them accountable to follow through on those commitments.

Experienced data scientists are brilliant individuals, but they can get lost in the weeds. We are here to help develop them from individual contributors into data leaders.

Goals Of This Workshop

  • Improve the impact your data scientists and data experts have on your business or department
  • Amplify your data scientists ability to clearly communicate
  • Educate your data scientists in the importance of going beyond the technical requirements
  • Challenge your data scientists to go beyond their comfort zone
  • Refine your data scientist’s best business practices and processes

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