Medical Claims Data Analysis Workshop

Medical Claims Data Analysis Workshop

Medical claims data have many intricacies. Technologyfocused professionals are not always taught about the intricacies of medical claims, eligibility, and insurance. This lack of subject matter expertise in medical data leaves a gap in understanding that your data scientists and data analysts can struggle to fill in by themselves. This makes them less effective and increases the risk of not understanding the right questions to ask your medical leaders when they are gathering workshop

Our workshop is focused on helping get your data experts up to speed by first providing a foundation in medical claims and then applying that understanding to actual problems facing the medical field like patient readmission and provider/policy effectiveness.

Are you looking to improve your data teams effectiveness with your medical data, then contact us today. We want to get your teams up to speed by bridging the subject matter gap.

Goals Of This Workshop Are:

  • To impact upper level decision making with accurate data driven reports and conclusions
  • To learn how to use Python, SQL and other modern technologies to analyze large data sets
  • To understand how to develop algorithms and KPIs
  • To improve teams abilities to clearly communicate discoveries with upper management